Stuff Your Pets Stockings This Christmas with Hartz

Who else gets their pets gifts for Christmas?  What do you usually get and do you wrap them or stuff stockings for them?  I tend to do a little of both!  I mean come on, my pets are my other kids so they need presents too, am I right?  I love to shop for my cats and my dogs, they absolutely love anything they get and they seriously get so excited!  My dogs even open their gifts on Christmas, its completely worth it to me.  Hartz has some amazing toys out this year and we definitely stocked up!

Hartz Cat Toys

All of the cat toys we got this year are filled with cat nip.  My cats LOVE catnip and we love to see them roll all around the floors, couch and even their cat tree with it all!  My brother got a new kitten so I decided to gift her a few toys for Christmas, she absolutely loves them all.  I have to say my favorite toy is the chirping bird.  When they bat at the toy the little bird makes chirping noises which sends all the cats into a frenzy, its so funny to watch them play with it!  Our cats absolutely love ALL their Hartz toys!

Hartz Dog Toys

I have two dogs, one of them is huge and the other is small.  My dogs tend to play with the same toys, regardless of their size.  Hartz has some fun dog toys that are great chewing, tugging and chasing!  My smaller dog absolutely loves the bacon flavored Chew n’ Clean Bone!  He can chew that thing all day long with absolutely no damage to the bone.  Our bigger guy really likes the tug toy.  Both our boys have so much fun with these toys and will get even more in their stockings for Christmas!

Delectables Treats

The Delectables for dogs and cats are SO cool!  I had never heard of these before.  My dogs and cats love these!  The cat Delectables come in pouches and long tubes, they are super easy to feed right to your cat just as you would a tube of yogurt with your child.  The dog one comes in a pouch and is easiest to squeeze into a bowl or even on top of their food.  These come in so many different flavors and even in different forms.  Bisques, chowder, stews and squeeze up tubes!  What a great treat and stocking stuffer!

Where can I get these for my pets?

Hartz is carried in most stores, check with your local store if you’re looking for something specific. Make sure to go HERE to grab coupons!

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