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When its nice outside we like to go out and play because lets face it, its not always nice outside around here!  My kids love to have a variety of things to play with while they are outside.  We live on a dirt road so its fun to roll around on the driveway, go up to the area up the street and ride or have things that can go “off-road.”  Flybar has such an amazing variety of outside toys!  All of their toys are very sturdy, high quality and are a ton of fun!  They even have stuff for smaller adults to play on.

Master Stilts – Ages 9+

The Flybar Master Walking Stilts is a brand new and innovating product from Flybar. Our stilts are ergonomically designed to make learning how to stilt walk easy. You’ll be up and walking in no time
Improve Your Balance & Coordination- Once you master the Flybar Master Stilts, you’ll see how much your balance has improved.  Beautifully & Ergonomically Designed Hand Grips & Shoulder Rest- The padded hand grips make for a comfortable riding experience while the shoulder rests go behind your shoulders to ensure you’re standing up straight. Not to mention that they look great too.
Adjustable Height- The Master Stilts have 5 adjustable heights from 12.5″ – 17″ off the ground. The full length of the Master Stilts is 72″ long.
Flybar’s stilts are so much fun for bigger kids and smaller adults to play on.  These can be used pretty much anywhere and are unlike anything I’ve seen in stores!  These are something completely different from the norm and would make an excellent gift for a teen!
Maverick Stilts – Ages 5 – 9
The Maverick stilts are a newer product to Flybar.  They are specifically made for kids ages 5 to 9 years old who want to have a fairly easy experience walking on stilts.  These stilts have easily adjustable arm and footrest heights.  The footrest height is adjustable from 12 1/2″ to 17 1/4″ and the arm is adjustable based on how tall you are.  Full length of the Maverick Stilts is 45 inches.  I got these stilts specifically for my six year old son because I got the 9 and up pair for my oldest son.  They both love them, my six year old is trying to get used to them but it wont take long!
Master Pogo Stick – Ages 9+ 
The Master pogo stick is great for older kids, teens and younger adults who are intermediate pogo stick riders.  I would recommend that they start off on a easier pogo but this one is great for kids who have already had time on an easier model.  Everything on this pogo has been covered for safety so you’ll never be exposed to moving parts.  Its also covered with a comfortable foam that makes it a lot easier to hold onto.  The Master pogo is equipped with a wider stance bounce tip but all tips are replaceable.  I got this pogo for my older son who is a teenager.  He really likes it because its fairly lightweight and easy for him to use.  This one holds up to 160 pounds so can easily be used by smaller adults.  The Master pogo is a ton of fun!
Flybar Aero 2-wheel Kick Scooter
The Flybar Aero scooter is a super fun, smooth riding scooter that is great for any thrill seeking kid.  This scooter has light up wheels which my son absolutely loves!  The Aero comes in three different colors, my son chose the orange and loves it!  This scooter is built with a durable steel frame which is going to help this scooter last a long time.  The scooter’s height is adjustable making it easy for larger and smaller kids to ride and it also has a large foot brake on the back wheel for easy stopping.  I got this scooter for my younger son and he has to get it out every single time he goes outside, even if its just for a minute.  The scooter is fairly lightweight but super durable and high quality.  We are obsessed with this!
Multi Sport Adjustable Helmet
Flybar has very nice helmets that will protect your child’s head in a sporting accident.  All Flybar’s helmets are CSPC and ASTM safety certified for several sports.  Their helmets come in three sizes great from a smaller child up to an older teenager or adult.  We chose the cloud formations helmet but they do have two other awesome prints that I can see being popular!
Mini Velocity Finger Pogo 
  • JUST LIKE THE REAL THING: The Flybar Velocity Finger Pogo Sticks are an exact mini replica of the actual Velocity Pogo Stick.
  • REALISTIC FEATURES: The Flybar mini finger pogo stick has the same rubber grips, graphics and non-slip foot pads as the real thing.
  • REAL POGO SPRING ACTION: Pogo on your fingers just as you would on a real pogo stick! Great alternative to a fidget spinner.
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED: Ready to pogo right out of the box, unlike most finger skateboards.
  • SHOW US YOUR TRICKS: We know finger pogoing is a new thing, so have fun with it and create some cool finger pogo stick tricks!
Disclaimer – Surf, Sand and Sons received this product at no cost in order to review. This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions above are 100% my own.  I only recommend products and services that I myself have tried and believe would be great for my readers.
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