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Gift Your Family Fun Games with Smirk & Dagger

My family loves board games!  We love to have a good variety of games in the cupboard for those cold stormy nights here on the Oregon coast.  In our house we have a great mix of kids and adults board games, Smirk & Dagger games are more geared towards teenagers and adults.  Read More Buy

Decorate with Personalized Ornaments from Ornaments.com

We are big fans of holidays around here and Christmas is one of the favorites.  We love to decorate and have tons of ornaments.   Ornaments.com has some amazing ornaments to choose from and the way they personalize them is so pretty!  Read More  |  Buy

Fresh Wreaths Delivered To Your Door with Christmas Forest

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the pretty scents!  I love the smell of fir and pine, if there is one scent that makes me feel Christmas is here, its definitely those scents.  I love the fact that you can order a wreath through Christmas Forest and they will ship it right to your door, fresh as ever and built to last the entire season!  Read More Buy

Fun For the Whole Family with US Games Systems

My family loves games, we live on the Oregon coast where we have storms for much of the fall and winter seasons, because of that we don’t get outside much for six months out of the year.  We were so excited to get a few fun games from U.S. Games Systems for this holiday season!  Read More | Buy

Great Christmas Gifts For Families with Winning Moves Games

I am sure you’ve seen me talk about how much we love to play board games, its the truth!  We are a board game family.  We love to have a variety of games in our household, things for the little guy to play as well as games for adults after hes gone to bed.  Winning Moves Games has something for everyone on your Christmas list!  Read More Buy

Sleep Soundly on Christmas Eve with Snuggle-Pedic

I really love to try out new bedding and pillow options to see whats out there.  I used to stick with one thing and refused to stray from those particular items.  I am happy to say that I think the Snuggle-Pedic is an amazing pillow!  Read More | Buy

Choose The Healthy Option This Christmas with Emmy's Organics

The holidays tend to be filled with tons of food, sweets and desserts, things that my family wouldn’t normally indulge on the rest of the year.  This year I found a great alternative and found out they are a hit to have out on a plate at family gatherings.  Emmy’s Organics has some amazing coconut cookies and they make them in all different flavors!  If you like coconut then you’ll love these cookies for sure!  Read More Buy

Make Fun Holiday Treats For The Family with Zoku

One of my favorite treats growing up was popsicles.  When I was a younger child I remember my babysitter bringing out all these awesome popsicle molds and giving us kids a choice on which juice we would pour in and later on in the afternoon we would all get to have our popsicle that we made.  It was so much fun for me and I am so excited I get to do that with my own kids now with these awesome Mod Pops molds from ZokuRead More | Buy

Fun Outdoor Games For All Ages with Hoot by SeaTurtle Sports

We live on the Oregon coast so we love to have fun and play outside when its nice outside.  Its nice to have beach friendly games to play with the entire family.  SeaTurtle Sports has some really fun games that are great for anyone and everyone to be included in.  Their games would make great Christmas gifts for friends and family.  Read More Buy

Super Fun Stocking Stuffers For The Entire Family with Gotcha Covered Notebooks

I was so beyond excited to find these amazing notebooks that you can have personalized to fit your whole family!  I decided I wanted these to be stocking stuffers for everyone this year!  I thought they would be a great item for my kids to take to school with them and we can always use them here at home also!  Gotcha Covered Notebooks has so many styles and options that you can choose from and they are so affordable! Read More | Buy

Christmas Shopping and Dinner in One Stop with Cracker barrel

I am really big on good prices and good food, I love to save money but I mean who doesn’t?  I recently had the opportunity to go try Oregon’s first and only Cracker Barrel!  We were so excited to find out what it was all about, I heard they had a store attached but wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I took my entire family there with me so we could all have the opportunity to try it out for ourselves and give our own opinion.  Read More | Buy

Stay Warm This Winter with Heat Holders

Do you ever wish you had some warm, comfortable socks to relax around the house in?  Heat Holders has some of the warmest socks I’ve ever worn in my life!  I love how many different styles they offer.  For some reason I have always been a big fan of slipper socks but I always remember having the weird feeling ones that weren’t very soft on the inside.  Now I can be sure to get super soft Heat Holders slipper socks!  Read More | Buy

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