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Inspire Your Kids Minds with Lottie Dolls

I am one of those parents who thinks that dolls should be for everyone, I really believe that dolls helps kids with their imagination and they help them learn how to care for others.  I saw Lottie Dolls and immediately fell in love with them!  Read More | Buy 

Super Why!: Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairytale Adventures

First, the Super Readers soar into the tale of Sleeping Beauty. When Sleeping Beauty just wants to snooze all day instead of playing outside with her friends, Super Why and the gang use their literacy powers to encourage her to try new things. Then, the Super Readers help a princess and a frog learn how to compromise and play together. Super Why and his friends also discover the secrets of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and more.  Read More | Buy


All I Want For Christmas Is You Is Out On Blu-Ray and DVD Now

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I’ve always loved Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” I was so excited to find out this super cute movie was releasing!  When Little Mariah (Yde) sees a darling little puppy named “Princess” at the pet store, she suddenly knows exactly what she wants for Christmas.  Read More | Buy 

Get The Perfect Outside Toy This Christmas with PlasmaCar

I have heard about these super fun cars before but had never really thought about purchasing one and I am not really sure why.  We are so excited to add a Plasmacar to our collection this year!  I absolutely love how these Plasmacars are for more than just kids, they hold up to 220 pounds so mom, dad, brothers and sisters can ride too! Read More | Buy

Must Have Gifts To Spark Your Child's Imagination This Christmas

I have a five year old son who loves to pretend, and build things.  One of his favorite things to do is go down to the beach and play in the sand but the weather is a little wild about 9 months out of the year here on the Oregon coast.  We do play with clay and dough but that only keeps him interested for so long.  I was so excited to find other fun things he could use his imagination on and play with inside no matter what the weather is like outside!  Read More | Buy 

The New In Toys This Christmas Season with Splashings!

All the little figurines and toys have come back into the spotlight this Christmas season!  The kids are so ecstatic to receive toys that have little blind bags or boxes in them, the surprise element is very popular and fun to open!  These make amazing stocking stuffers and even main gifts for any kids this year!  There are so many super cute options to get in each package!  Buy

Fun Scented Socks For Your Daughter with Little Miss Matched

How fun are these pizza scented socks!?  I would have loved these when I was younger and I would have wanted to show them off to all my friends!  How cute would these be in a younger girls stocking on Christmas?  This pack comes with six different socks, so your girls can mix and match her socks everyday!  How many different pairs can she make?  These would even be a super cute "best friend" gift for your girl to give out, one pair for each of her two friends and herself!  Pizza socks unite! Buy 

Make a Child's Christmas Brighter This Year with I See Me!

Books are a big time favorite in our household.  I started reading books out loud before my kids were even born and I’ve been reading to them ever since.  My five year old son is just starting to learn how to read and recognize words in his kindergarten class, books are becoming even more important to him!  I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books offers a very magical thing to kids of all ages.  Read More | Buy

Give Your Child Fun Interactive Gifts This Christmas with Mindware

We are a huge fan of things that make you think and keep you on your toes while you play with them.  I wanted to think of something a little outside the box this year for a few of his gifts.  He always gets the normal toy gifts year after year and I thought it would be fun to change it up a little for a few of his gifts!  I found a goldmine online known as Mindware!  They have so many amazing gift options for any child, teenager or even adult in your life!  Read More | Buy

Bring The Magic of Santa Into Your House with Package From Santa

We are big believers in our household, we believe the magic should live on as long as possible and will do anything to make sure that happens.  I love to see my kids eyes light up when they see all the fun things left for them each night.  I had never heard of the packages from Santa in the past but thought it was such an amazing idea!  I knew my five year old son needed to have the items that came with it and I knew how much it would mean to him!  Read More | Buy

Make Traveling With Kids Easier with Obersee

Who attempts to pack all your kids clothes in with your own and then the bag ends up being way too heavy?  Trips can be crazy, there are so many things to take with you that we all tend to over pack.  The just in case factor really gets us!  Every single time I find myself attempting to shove everything for two or three people into one large bag and it never works out how I want.  Obersee has amazing kids rolling luggage with super cute graphics on them!  My five year old son loves to pack his own bag and carry it or roll it all on his own! Read More | Buy

Bring Music Into Your Kids Lives with Beat Bugs

My 5 year old son is a huge fan of many shows.  One of the shows he adores is Beat Bugs!  He loves anything musical and things everything about the show is fun!  He also loves the little singing character toys you can get from the stores!  We love the Beat Bugs toys, there are several you can collect and they all sing different songs!  Read More | Buy

Encourage Creative Learning with Smarty Parts

We love to do activities as a family that involve a lot of thinking, following direction and putting things together to come to a final product that is recognizable. I think its fun for the kids to see what they’ve done or helped do, from beginning to end.  I feel it really helps with development and building their ability to think things through.  Smarty Parts has several amazing products that encourage stem learning. Read More | Buy

Must Have Two In One Toys This Christmas with Flipazoo

My son is really big into animals right now.  He loves anything animals, real, stuffed, figurines, you name it!  A super fun toy that is out this Christmas is the Flipazoo!  They have so many different styles and animals to collect and one toy magically turns into TWO!  Flipazoos are toys that start as one thing and you flip them over to turn them into something else.  My son started out with one blind bag package and is now hooked! Read More | Buy

Give A Gift That Will Last For Generations with Little Bird Told Me

When I was young, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I remember having a rocking horse that I completely adored.  I would ride that horse constantly and I remember it being sturdy as can be and sticking with me for many years.  I was so happy and proud of that rocking horse and really wanted one just like it for my kids.  Now days its a little more difficult to come across toys that are made with such high quality like they used to be.  Little Bird Told Me has the best rocking horse I have seen in the past 30 years! Read More | Buy

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