Get Benefits From Wine With DeVine Beauty + Giveaway!

I was so excited when I first found Look DeVine!  They have so many natural, affordable wine inspired beauty products that are made right here in the USA! These products are so cool, every single DeVine beauty product uses the three key ingredients from the Red Wine Grape –

  • Grapeseed oil which comes from the seeds of the grape and acts as a natural astringent that tightens pores and locks in moisture!
  • Resveratrol which is found in the skin of the grape and is known for its anti-aging properties and heart-healthy benefits.
  • Red Wine Polyphenols which are found in the pulp of the grape and contain very powerful antioxidants!

I got to try a few of their products out and I was in love the second I put them on!

Chianti Hand Cream: 

This hand cream is amazing!  I am pretty picky when it comes to lotions that I put on my hands because I don’t like the greasy, sticky feeling after you apply lotion.  This hand cream has none of that, it soaks right into your skin and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth and hydrated!  I have serious issues with very dry skin on my hands and I keep this stuff in my purse, it works that well!  Knowing DeVine doesn’t use any harsh ingredients and is a cruelty free company makes me even more happy about the products!

Sparkling Clear Lip Shine:

I will be honest I am not usually a huge fan of lip shines and glosses because they tend to go on very sticky and I end up wiping them off pretty quickly.  This lip shine is actually amazing!  I am normally addicted to lip balm and I could see myself replacing my lip balm with this lip shine!  It goes on very smooth and feels like a lip balm on except it makes your lips appear to have a gloss on!  I love how this lip shine is clear and very refreshing!  If you like a glossy natural looking lip then this is a must have!  Super cute for summer!

Sangria Lip Shade with SPF 15:

This lip shade is like a glam version of lip balm!  You can definitely tell this is sangria lip balm, the scent is so nice but at the same time very subtle!  This is a clear lip balm and does have a SPF 15 to protect your lips this summer from the harmful rays!  Unlike other lip balms, DeVine’s lip shade is actually good for your lips and has tons of amazing perks to keep you wearing it everyday!  This product is very affordable and would be great to stock up on!

I am completely in love with these products!  I am so excited to try more of DeVine’s wine inspired products in the future, they have so much more to offer!  Make sure you get over to their page and check everything out!

Where Can I Buy DeVine Beauty Products?

Find and purchase all of DeVine’s beauty products on their page, HERE

Check Look DeVine out on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube


Look DeVine was awesome and wanted someone else to get to experience their amazing products!  One person will win a DeVine gift pack which includes one Chianti Hand Cream, one Sparkling Clear Lip Shine and one Sangria Lip Shade! Entrants must be 18 years or older and live in the US.  Giveaway ends 07/03/2017.

Look DeVine Giveaway

Disclaimer – Surf, Sand and Sons received this product at no cost in order to review.  All opinions and pictures above are 100% my own.  I only recommend products and services that I myself have tried and believe would be great for my readers.

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