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I remember when I was younger I always had trouble finding games that were for my age range or were something that I could play with everyone else, I remember it being disappointing that I was never old enough.  I am so glad that there are so many games around for younger kids now.  Getta 1 Games has some amazing kids for the younger aged kids!  These games are great to have at home or in a daycare or preschool!

Doggy Bags

A card is flipped revealing the food that Franky wants. Will you be first to feel inside your Doggy Bag (without looking) and pull out the right food?! ​Feed Franky 5 food items first and win!

  • For 2 players, ages 3+
  • Builds fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, tactile learning

  • Each player plays at the same time for non-stop action!

  • Includes 18 plastic food items, nine food cards, one Franky card, two doggy bags, and rules on the box back

This game is so much fun to play with the younger kids!  My son is six and even he thinks its a blast to play.  I love all the different things that come with this game and the pictures are so cute!

Bull’s Eye

A silly animal card is flipped face up. Be the first player to plunge its matching pair and collect that card to score a point. Watch out for the Bull’s Eye card. It’s worth 3 points. Score the most points and win!

  • For ages 3+ and 2-5 players
  • Mini-plungers pick up cards like magic!

  • Everyone plays at once for non-stop action!

  •  Includes 48 silly animal cards, five mini-plungers that pick up cards and rules for two games.

This game is a lot of fun for a family to play and is also great for younger kids.  Its awesome to teach matching skills!

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