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In this day and age its hard to get the kids off of the electronics, that is unless you have some really cool board games on hands that kids and teens will have a ton of fun playing.  Who wouldn’t love to have a big family game night with everyone involved?  Our game closet is packed to the brim with tons of the original and latest games from Winning Moves Games!  We have a rough winter season around here, it rains and then rains again.  We tend to stay inside a lot because of this so its really nice to have a huge closet packed full of fun games to play, a nice assortment keeps you from getting bored of the same old thing every time.

Clue Master Detective

With more suspects, more rooms, and more weapons Clue Master Detective is the perfect game for Murder Mystery Parties. First introduced in the 1980’s this super-sized version of Clue adds up to a lot more mayhem! You’ll need your sharpest detective skills to solve the ever-changing mystery!  Who doesn’t love a good Clue game?  I haven’t played in so long and thought the Master Detective version looked like so much fun to play!

Crackers In My Bed

Find ’em, Match ’em, Feed Him Quick! Kids spin the spinner and search through the bear’s bed to find the top-half cracker pieces that match the bottom-half cracker pieces they have. When a correct match is made, kids feed the bear.  Crackers In My Bed is a classic game and I actually remember owning the exact game when I was a little kid and it was so much fun to play!

Pass The Pigs

Celebrating more than 25 years of Pig-tastic fun! Rack up points by rolling the pig-dice but be careful not to ”Pig Out.” A classic party game enjoyed by Oscar nominated star Jeff Bridges!  Pass The Pigs is another one that I played as a child and it was one of my favorite games.  I was so excited to see this game back at my house, we play it all the time!  Its very easy to teach to younger people too!

Pass The Pigs – Big Pigs

These fabulous oversized foam swines can hit all the pig poses that their little pig dice cousins do!  This is another Pass The Pigs game except this one is really fun for younger people to participate in also.  The pigs in this version are huge foam pigs that you can throw on the floor.  The day we got this game our entire family played and it was so much fun watching everyone yell out the positions the pigs landed in.

Rubik’s Tower and Junior Bear

This 2x2x4 Cube is an interesting twist on the original Rubik’s Cube. Imagine two 2×2 Rubik’s Cubes on top of one another, that are able to rotate around a central axis. This allows for an especially diabolical twisty puzzle!  This one is great for older kids and teens who love to figure out puzzles!  This tower is really cool and a whole new level of challenge!

The easy-to-grip Bear is much simpler than the original Rubik’s Cube and will entertain kids with every twist and turn! Think of it as a “training” cube.  I absolutely love this one, especially for younger kids who really want a Rubik’s cube but aren’t old enough to actually figure them out.  This junior bear now belongs to my six year old and he is so excited about it!

The Giveaway

Winning Moves Games decided they wanted to make one of our amazing readers a really lucky winner so they partnered up with us for a giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive a big Winning Moves Games prize pack with one of each of the games featured above!  Entrants must be 18 years or older and currently reside in the United States. Giveaway ends 12/29/2018.

Winning Moves Games Giveaway

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