Celebrate Halloween This Year with RM Palmer

Who doesn’t love chocolate?  How fun is it to celebrate Halloween with lots of yummy chocolate!?  My family loves candy, especially chocolate so we were so excited to form our Halloween stash this year with RM Palmer candy.  Halloween has always been my absolute favorite holiday and I guess it rubbed off on my youngest son because he also loves Halloween.  All the jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and goblins hanging about and the trick or treaters going door to door, its just a ton of fun!  I absolutely love all the choices that RM Palmer has when it comes to candy!  Their super cute jack-o-lantern peanut butter cups, smooth chocolate coins, yummy caramel balls and amazing cream filled chocolate balls add so much joy to an already fun holiday!

Caramel Filled Balls

These delicious chocolatey balls are filled with creamy caramel and individually foiled in orange and black for the Halloween season.  These will look great in a candy dish or a trick-or-treat bag.  These are so good and satisfy my craving for really good chocolate.  The caramel inside is not super gooey and messy but its gooey and chewy enough to make it really good!

Twisted Pumpkins

Treat the entire neighborhood this year with the seasonal flavors of caramel apple and pumpkin spice inside a rich chocolaty shell.  These are something totally new and unlike anything I’ve ever had before!  I was so surprised that the inside actually tastes exactly what you would imagine. The creamy flavored centers are so good!  I have shared these with my entire family and they keep asking for more and more.  Definitely something that trick-or-treaters will love!

Decorated Peanut Butter Cups

Creamy peanut butter in a rich, chocolaty shell decorated with a smiling jack-o-lantern face. These individually wrapped cups are available in a 15 oz. laydown bag and are perfect for Trick-or Treat, Halloween themed parties, decorating seasonal baked goods, and candy dish fill. They’re not only tasty, they are uniquely “boo-tiful” too.  These are SO cute!  I love the little jack-o-lantern face on the peanut butter cup, its even colored orange!  These are so good too, our favorites out of the whole bunch!

Chocolate Coins

Golden milk chocolate half dollars, quarter and mega coins are something I remember from my childhood.  The coins are my 5 year old son’s favorite, he likes to use them to pretend hes a pirate and then eat them when hes done playing with them.  These coins are so much fun and I can honestly say the chocolate inside is so yummy!  These are great for kids and Palmer sells them in multiple different sizes!

Where Can I Purchase All This Yummy Candy?

Go HERE and put in your zip code to find out where you can pick this candy up!

The Giveaway

RM Palmer was so generous and decided to make someone’s day so much better!  They partnered up with us for a Palmer candy prize pack giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive a RM Palmer candy prize pack, candy flavors will be determined by the sponsor.  Entrants must be 18 years or older and currently reside in the United States. Giveaway ends 10/7/2017.

RM Palmer Candy Giveaway

Disclaimer – Surf, Sand and Sons received this product at no cost in order to review. This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions and pictures above are 100% my own.  I only recommend products and services that I myself have tried and believe would be great for my readers.

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  1. I’ve been checking out their candy for a couple weeks now. The seafoam one sounds heavenly. My hubby has such a,sweet tooth that if we don’t have anything he will just take the Hershey syrup bottle and squeeze it down his throat.

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